Endoscopia digestiva alta

Este procedimiento es el mejor examen para estudiar las enfermedades del esófago, del estómago y del duodeno. Se puede realizar con o sin sedación.

El examen consiste en la introducción de un endoscopio a través de la boca y en su recorrido se visualizan claramente las paredes del esófago, del estómago y del duodeno. Al examinar estos órganos en tiempo real se pueden detectar las siguientes enfermedades en cada uno de ellos.

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Ann Taylor

Dr Ann Taylor joined the team at The Dental Clinic in early 2006. Being a member of a large private practice that specialises in implant and cosmetic dentistry has been a great way for Dr Ann Taylor to increase her knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry.

Being a general dentist, Dr Ann Taylor has found it easy to diagnose orthodontic problems in children early, as they come in for their regular preventative checks.

Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson has been with the practice for over 25 years and is the glue that keeps the practice together! After a 6 month stint working for Bank, Jane Jackson decided the banking career was not for her and joined a local dentist as a junior Dental Assistant with very little experience.

Her journey began on working her way through all aspects of the practice giving her the knowledge and understanding of the nuts and bolts of the practice.

Robert Henderson

Robert graduated from the University of QLD in 2005 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Oral Health). From there he worked in the small towns of Yeppoon and Rockhampton doing a combination of private practice and school dental therapy.

Robert opted for the dental field as he has always had a keen interest in health and wanted to help people better their oral health and keep their teeth for life.

John Gordon

Dr John Gordon qualified from Liverpool in 2008 and did his vocational training at Windsor Dental Practice. Having completed his training, he has worked here since as an associate and is now a vocational trainer himself.

John Gordon has good experience with treating patients in pain, having worked the out-of-hours services in Salford and Oldham since 2006. He is very good with dealing with patients who are nervous. Having completed his training, he has worked here since.